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 Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3

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PostSubject: Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3    Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:02 am

This shaving cream is the same cream base as my blue sample 2 with a specific amount of menthol added. I used a scale (made for reloading bullets) that will weigh weights down to the 0.01 gram so it's very accurate for small amounts.

If you receive a sample of this please focus on the amount of menthol added and how it feels and compare it to the lather of the cream without the menthol.

This small batch has been scented with Lime with the added menthol.
It will come packaged in a portion cup as seen in the photo placed inside a bag that is labeled.

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PostSubject: Re: Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3    Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:44 pm

The set up was the same as the other trials standard face washing, Semogue 1550 and the Merkur Bakelite with the Iridium on shave #3.
I did notice that it was harder to get the lather up I used the same amount of the green as the blue. It seemed that the cream did not want to disolve. I went to my face with the brush loaded and yes the lather was diminished, I think this was to be expected as Krissy advised us that the menthol would diminish the lather some. The shave was not as comfortable as the plain cream. After rinsing I did feel a little drying on my skin. This time I did finish with Witchhazel and aftershave.

The Lime I believe did nothing for the experince as it was totally over powered by the menthol which is not a bad thing as I love menthol. The entire shave was cold but could be colder. Again I like a real face freeze.

All in all everyone must remember. We were testng the plain creme first as that was what needed to be finalized and I think Krissy did a stellar job with it. The Menthol was a afterthought to the primary mission. I did not expect a home run first time out. But I do think after an adjustment or two Krissy will give us what we want. Tomorrow the TAN stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3    Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:45 pm

The setup was the same EJ87 Gillette 7o'clock green on its third shave and Golden Nib silvertip brush.

Like yesterday, after soaking the brush I squeezed all the hairs together and mushed them into the sample cup making sure I loaded up the tips. Mindful of Freddy and Phil stating that the lather is diminished compared to the unscented cream I got a good amount on the brush but not much more than I normally would.

One thing I noticed is that this cream likes water. Maybe I overloaded the bush with cream, but with each pass, the lather became more voluminous. The lather seemed to have less glide compared to the unscented cream. This sensation could be down to the blade getting a bit ragged, but normally a 7o'clock green can last 4 shave with me. So for me, the lather is still good with the green cream, but not as slick. We'll see how it is after a few more uses down the road.

As for the menthol sensation, all I can say is WOW!

Granted, in the mornings my allergies are a bit worse, but my eyes were on the verge of watering from the menthol vapors. Its a very good and strong menthol feel and this cream would probably scratch the itch of those wanting a strongly menthol cream. My eyes watering up made it seem that it was stronger than it really was. Eventhough my skin felt like ice, I still felt that it could be colder .

The big shock came with the cold water rinse.

I finished up without any witch hazel or after shave and my face feels just as good as yesterday after using the unscented cream.
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PostSubject: Re: Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3    

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Green MENTHOL Tallow Shave Cream Sample 3
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