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 Tallow Shave Soap Revised 1

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PostSubject: Tallow Shave Soap Revised 1   Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:02 pm

I have decided I would like to revise my current tallow shave soap, and replace the palm oil in it with additional tallow. Awhile ago I did replace the soybean oil with avocado oil. But if you received a sample of the palm-free version of my tallow shave soap I would appreciate if you would post your review/opinion/experience here. If you could compare it to the other version it would be greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Tallow Shave Soap Revised 1   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:44 pm

OK I have used three different tallow soaps from here, I have the Lavender, and Old Spice, and my son has the Clubman. I thought the difference would be subtle but was surprised.

Equipment: Semogue LE #6
Gillette Slaretip SS / Iridium Blade
Mug Lathering

Pre shave was a normal hot water face cleaning.
I soaked the brush in the mug with the samle and warm water. I then dumped the water from the mug and started whipping the soap with the water left in the brush. In no time I had a mountain of beautiful lather, it was rich and creamy. At this point it was better than the old formulation I think significantly.
I lathered my face and started to shave. The protection was on par with the old formula, glide was great, protection the same. The shave was pretty uneventful as expected. 3 passes and #6 still had another facefull or more of lather in it. Hot and cold rinse and then pat dry.
Here is where I did notice a very slight difference, my face felt a touch tighter not anything drastic but a touch. In fact I dont even know for sure if it was the new soap or the fact that I have been freezing ny face the last few days. I am going to use this a few more days just to reaclimate my face to normal soap and not the Polar Bear Club. ( I do love the freeze)
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Tallow Shave Soap Revised 1
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